About this girl

A girl who likes fantasy books, antiques and colorful feathers. Lie down under a tree watching the shapes of the shadows made by the sun and create collages with dried flowers, write with quill, Christmas lights, small bottles of perfume, balls of wool, abandoned houses, poppies and smell lavender. I've always dreamed of being the princess of my own story. Obsessed of films and musicals. In my free time I make fundubs, I would like to be a over-voice actress. I'm in love with volkswagens and flowers in the hair. I spend my time in the forest, dancing with the squirrels, wolves and deers, singing with the birds. At night I like to bathe in the moonlight and listen to the crickets. Sometimes I feel the need to put my thoughts in a notebook or run until worn out. I believe in fairies (I do, I do!). My bedroom is full of sea shells and little boxes where I keep treasures collected over the years.

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